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Customer Retention: It’s As Easy As Apple Pie

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Much like baking an apple pie, keeping current customers happy takes strategy, timeliness and a whole lotta heart. Apple pie seems simple to bake, but extra preparation and finesse make this tasty classic stand out.

Customer retention plans play a strategic role in building a company, just as an apple pie is the staple to any fall feast. Loyal customers, and good desserts, don’t happen in an instant.


A company must build a trusting relationship with a customer to make them a recurring one. To be a loved cook in the kitchen you must work hard to build a top-notch reputation. Before a company can address how to keep customers coming back, they must determine how to first attract people to their product. To satisfy consumers, a successful company starts with reliable, quality products and services. Don’t serve out anything but the best!

After a company has a quality foundation, it’s time to evaluate the needs of current customers. Ask customers about their personal experiences to get a sense of their satisfaction with the company. Create a system to measure customer experience to determine current service quality. It’s better to check the pie before you smell something burning. The best way to improve the current situation is to track customer reactions and continually reevaluate the best strategy to retain customers. A balanced recipe, yielding the best results, is one that has been tweaked and refined over time.


Whenever issues arise, timely response is crucial to build a lasting customer relationship. This can be the opportunity to keep or lose a customer.  With reviews and comments instantly surfacing across social media channels, customer service can make or break a company. As the timer buzzes, an attentive cook immediately checks the pie and responds according to his observations. Delayed response can destroy any relationship, or pie, beyond repair. Quick and genuine responses to address unsatisfied customers show a company’s interest in each person as an individual. A sincere apology tells customers they matter and encourages them to return in the future. The perfect pie is waiting in the oven for you!

Whole Lotta Heart

A great way to build loyal customers is to show them how much you care. As with baking, the extra dash of heart and cup of soul improve overall quality and satisfaction. Providing discounts, referral incentives and feedback opportunities tell customers that a company appreciates their recurring business. Customers also keep coming back to companies where there is efficient communication. With the ease of communication online, companies can build a stronger relationship than ever before.

Word around town is that you can bake a pretty mean apple pie. Reputation and relationship building on social media is like an open forum to hear what people are saying about you. This is the chance to wholeheartedly address issues and come away with more loyal customers than when you started. Although customer retention plans require strategy, timeliness and a whole lotta heart, the extra special touches ensure each customer is happy and hungry for more.

What are your secret ingredients to a successful customer retention plan?

Check out this infographic from Customers That Stick uses statistics to explain the three most important aspects of customer retention: Why Customers Leave, Why Customers Stick and Why Retained Customers Mean Money.


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