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Campfire Storytelling Tips for Content Marketers

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Undoubtedly, in the 21st century social media has transformed the way we all share stories with one another. The content marketer is no exception.

To better understand how to create successful content marketing on social media, let’s gather around the campfire for a lesson in storytelling. Campfire storytelling can guide content marketers as they share information through social media.

The best campfire storytellers share great stories that push listeners to the edge of their seats. And after hearing a memorable story you can’t help but tell it again to all your friends. Content marketers are pursuing the same goals: (1) Share a simple, well thought out message that (2) engages the consumer and (3) shows your personality.

Simple is better

Successful storytellers aren’t the ones who ramble on hoping they will eventually remember the point to their story. They know what they are going to say before they say it. The most applauded storytellers share simple stories that are organized for the greatest impact. A single concise message is far more effective than frequency and random content.

On the edge of my seat

Great storytellers engage their listeners through authentic and original content. While gathered around the fire, we come to expect the classic campfire stories: playful, spooky and adventurous. Although the stories may resemble tales we’ve already heard, exciting twists and unexpected turns intrigue listeners. Content marketers can also keep their audience on the edge of their seat by spicing up content with fresh and imaginative ideas.

One of the best ways we make sense of the world is through stories. As content marketers create content, they are more than a business trying to reach a consumer. Just like with any conversation we engage in, content marketers are just people trying to reach people.


Whether you are exchanging campfire stories or marketing content for businesses, personality is the personal touch people are looking for. Audiences search for a connection. The tone and manner of your story should invite people to be part of your conversation. Add your uniqueness and individuality to your story because no one is quite like you.

As content marketers spread their messages on social media, campfire storytelling tips help to tackle this sizable task. Focusing the conversation around simplicity, engagement and personality makes content marketing as sweet as a s’more.

What are your campfire storytelling tips for content marketers?

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