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Social Media In The Classroom: Tweets That Won’t Get You Sent To Detention

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Written by Alyssa Chase

With school starting just around the corner, students won’t be leaving social media at home when they enter the classroom. From the moment millennials wake up, social media is by their side. Some teachers have learned to embrace this new digital culture into their curriculum.

Incorporating social media at school engages students and creates a community beyond classroom walls. Here are several ways social media can benefit teachers and students:

1. Share Work Socially

Twitter and Facebook are great platforms for students to share their work with one another. Uploading assignments gives students the opportunity to see their classmates’ work and provide feedback.

Social media also creates an opportunity where students organize into smaller communities. Groups can form organically based on commonalities like age, interest and proficiency level. With the freedom to share on any site, students can form natural circles of support.

2. Use Hashtags to Spark Discussion

Encouraging the use of hashtags via Twitter gets students involved in important discussions. By organizing the conversation with a simple hashtag, students will be ready to engage.

Guest speakers and presentations are perfect opportunities to use hashtags. No matter the classroom size, students can have their voice heard through live-tweeting sessions. During this time, students can quickly respond and generate conversations on the hashtag, which can even become a trending topic in the area.

Hashtags can be a helpful resource. Whether during a presentation or a study session, students have a place to ask questions and get answers. Not only are classroom students involved, but outside communities can also be included in discussions.

3. Require a Blog

Assigning a blog gives students the chance to develop their voice as a writer. This is also an opportunity for students to become familiar with web-content basics. Although some students may see a blog as a chore, it is the perfect portfolio builder. A blog will not only help students explore trends and personal interests, but it will help establish themselves professionally in the social media world.

Without a doubt, most students will happily welcome social media into the classroom. Successfully integrating this technology may be a new challenge for teachers, but social media can be a useful tool to engage students and even keep millennials on their toes.

Have you experienced social media in the classroom? What are other ways to use social media in school curriculum?

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