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A PR Smoothie: Blending Traditional And Digital Public Relations

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The happy marriage between traditional and digital PR is one with a little give and take. Social media does not replace traditional PR and marketing, but it is a way to improve upon what already works.

As we increasingly turn to our mobile apps for news, social media has become a public relations tool necessary to engage an audience, but don’t throw all traditional rules out the window. A strong foundation of PR skills is still needed for success in the digital world.

A blend of the new with the old:

Build relationships

Through social media, great communication is essential to gain the trust of an audience. Traditionally and digitally, building relationships requires excellent relevant and regular communication. In the social media world, constant conversation leads to a more engaged and informed audience.

The SEO strategy

Posting traditional news through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter increases a client’s SEO. Traditional and digital PR fuse together to create a useful package that can be easily searched. Publishing more online improves SEO and shows you don’t have to be big to get heard. You just have to be strategic.

Stay organized

Organization is crucial to efficiently sift through resources, especially with the internet’s endless supply of information. The key is organizing so you can find something when you need it. As with any form of PR, prioritize what’s important and don’t be intimidated by the amount of information available.

Success in today’s PR world means a blend of traditional values with digital strategies. Building relationships, improving SEO and staying organized are ways for these two worlds to happily meet. Stay rooted in traditional PR skills and use social media to get out there and engage your audience.

What do you think makes for great PR in today’s digital world?

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