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Gain Fans And Sales With Facebook Campaigns

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In the ever-changing social media world, successful companies are currently using Facebook campaigns to benefit their business. Customizable campaigns make Facebook a useful tool for any type of business.

Facebook campaigns give people the chance to “like” a business’s page to receive exclusive offers. Three types of Facebook campaigns include coupons, downloadable content and sweepstakes.

1. Coupons Campaign

Give ‘em a deal

Coupons bring people special discounts for “liking” and sharing content from a business’s page. This strategy entices people to become involved and encourages fans to become loyal customers.

Olive Garden successfully uses coupon campaigns to bring fans to their restaurant. Exclusive offers and specials are available only to those who “like” their page. A deal like “Enjoy an appetizer on us when you purchase one entree” is one of the many perks of being an Olive Garden fan.

2. Downloadable Content Campaign

Share your expertise

For businesses who offer a special skill that people are looking for, share what you know. Your knowledge is a commodity, so inform your audience.

Scribblers, an online calligraphy supplies company, uses this promotion by offering a downloadable guide of calligraphy tips through Social Campaigns. Through Facebook posts, Facebook ads and emails to their 4,000 contacts, Scribblers boosted their fan base by 116 “likes” in the first 24 hours of the campaign.

Give them a sample

Facebook campaigns are a great way to give an audience a sample of a business’s work. This gives a business the opportunity to show what they can do and build sales.

A real estate website design and marketing firm, PropertyMinder, promoted their services through an exclusive sample of what they can do for potential clients. They offered free webinars on topics that interest their audience like how to run and market a successful open house. PropertyMinder used their Facebook page to show the brand’s personality, customer service and brand awareness.

3. Sweepstakes campaign

People love free stuff

Promotions on Facebook like contests or sweepstakes can promote any type business. Giveaways that interest an audience encourages fans to return to a business’s page and boosts engagement on Facebook.

Money Saver Marketplace, an advertising and marketing publisher, successfully promoted three contests on their Facebook page. They ran contests for $100 in groceries, a summer grill package and a restaurant gift card through Facebook posts and email, generating almost 400 fans.

Make it happen

Offering coupons, samples or sweepstakes can be effective ways to increase fans and sales for any business. The effort to run a Facebook campaign is well worth a business’s time to grow their fan base. A valued fan is a loyal customer.

For more information, check out Facebook’s guidelines that detail how to conduct contests for business pages. Third party apps, like Social Campaigns, make the process simple.

Which Facebook campaigns have engaged you?

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