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Pinteresting Updates: Pinterest Gets Personal And More!

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Pinterest in a recent blog post announced that on August 26 it will be rolling out a new feature to recommend pins and boards to its users based on their Internet browsing history.

The way this will happen is through the use of browser cookies (which are tiny files that get added to your browser as you visit websites). If you visit a website that has embedded a “Pin It” button, which enables people to share content onto Pinterest, a cookie will be added to signify you went to that page. The next time you login to Pinterest, it recognizes that cookie and helps personalize your Pinteresting experiences by providing recommended pins and boards you may find appealing and relevant (note: Pinterest has also enabled users to opt-out of history tracking in its settings).

Pinterest has lacked sophisticated user data tracking methods up until now. In fact, businesses such as Curalate have sprung up with services geared to measure Pinterest analytics data by crawling the website, which is very time-consuming and not exactly ideal. Through this new personalized tracking, marketers will undeniably go bonkers knowing the possibilities this will open up.

If a user spends time reading articles online about interior design and then visits Pinterest, she may see recommended pins of products and tips related to home decor and design showing up on her feed. This will be helpful not only for users browsing for specific things, but certainly for brands as well, as it is combining casual browsing behavior and purchase intent into one.

Step by step, Pinterest’s intent to join in on the wonderful world of advertising and e-commerce is becoming more of a reality. It has already implemented new analytics tools that help accounts track how many people pinned content from their sites, how many have visited their sites from Pinterest, how many Pinterest impressions their content has generated, as well as which content has been re-pinned or clicked on the most. Even the types of pins have been upgraded to be more useful.

What’s more? Pinterest also announced that pins of products will have a price alert option, so you can not only see the current price of the item, but you can choose to be alerted if that price drops. At this rate, soon Pinterest will surely have something along the lines of “promoted pins” that marketers can target toward specific kinds of users.

Pinterest is realizing it is much more of a tool for searching the visual web with instead of a stand-alone social media platform such as Facebook. With this in mind, Pinterest will probably take that understanding into account with any upcoming changes it has.

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