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Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

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Written by Tyler Kerns

Advertisements in our lives are inevitable, and web ads keep growing. Don’t get me wrong, ads are wonderful things.  They keep sites running, and most importantly they keep our precious Facebook and other social media sites running. But just how annoying are they to you?

Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone recently posted an ad idea for Facebook on his recent social project Medium. Stone suggested for Facebook to offer an ad-free version or “Facebook Premium” for a monthly fee. Stone isn’t the first one to suggest a premium version of the social network giant. He has a point.

“For $10 a month, people who really love Facebook (and can afford it), could see no ads. Maybe some special features too,” Stone said.  “If 10 percent of Facebook signed up, that’s $1 billion a month in revenue.”

Would you shell out a minimum for an ad-free zone every time you check your feed? I sure wouldn’t, but I’m still on a poor postgraduate budget. Perhaps in the future, saying Facebook actually provides this, I may just pay that extra.

I’m sure Mr. Zuckerburg has thought of offering said accounts, but with Facebook’s rising revenue, why risk upsetting users? After introducing more ads as well as mobile ads, Zuckerburg is confident that users are happy with them. After improvements to the newsfeed that influenced additional user engagement by 50 percent, those interactions only decreased by 2 percent after ads were introduced, Zuckerburg said.

That’s all it takes to continue rolling. With 2012 revenue at $1.585 billion in Q4 and a net income of $64 Billion, Facebook needs its advertisements. The ads will not disappear, and for a premium account, one can only speculate.

What do you think about web ads? Most people ignore them just fine as if they were conditioned to from the start with radio and television ads. Perhaps that’s the reason companies like Facebook and Google can get away with them so easily. For now I’ll ignore them, will you?

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