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Catvertising: A Lesson On Niche Marketing

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Written by Tyler Kerns & Breanna Houk

Could you imagine if Catvertising were real or if Candeo Creative only did cat-marketing? It seems silly, but it’s actually not far from the truth.  Companies get their start from specializing in one market.

When you think small businesses, you think of a speciality shop, so why can’t that work for the advertising/marketing world?  Well, it actually does! Many agencies specialize in small niches, which is making them very successful.

Clearly, we need to re-evaluate our business strategy and jump on board the kitty cat bandwagon. We’re only kidding, of course. Imagine if a small company took what seems like silly advice and actually implemented it to cater to a specific group of people, but with the understanding that the Internet enables this idea to work!

Maybe companies aren’t revamping their business strategy to only please the cat lovers out there (or… maybe they are), but it is a reality that niche businesses do have true opportunities to succeed when they take the right approach.

The greatness of Cat Marketing niche-marketing is it doesn’t actually exist but it is created by identifying needs, wants and requirements that are being addressed poorly by other brands. If you can see an opportunity like this, focus in on a specific skill that pushes you to advance and offer something different.

So in the end, wait, actually there is no end. If you work hard and continue performing above the fold, you’ll keep growing.

Look at Candeo Creative, which started with Zack, our owner/president, who started with consulting and making social media strategies for small businesses. Now we are growing into a full-fledged marketing agency specializing in more than just social.  We believe we couldn’t have come this far without starting and specializing in one sector of the market.  Social media is our niche, what’s yours?

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