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Marketing In The Instant Video World

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Written by Tyler Kerns

Only a few weeks ago, Instagram introduced video support on their filter capturing app. The photo-frenzy app allows users to film up to 15 seconds of pure vintage glory.  Of course this is a response to the huge popularity of Twitter’s Vine app, an app allowing users to make six-second videos and post them in a news feed format.

Vine’s popular engagement has made Instagram follow through with their own short-style video platform, but without the initial mistakes Vine made. The ‘insta-cinema’ was released on both major mobile platforms with hashtag and front-facing camera capability. Giving the app an edge, it allows the user to preview a video before posting, and the record button allows the user to touch-focus before filming. Don’t forget all the great insta-filters too!

Online video has been a sensation because of its easy access. When YouTube started, millions published short videos that people watched, shared and rewatched. In 2006 Google gambled a hard $1.6 million when they bought YouTube, but won big with the web-video sensation. People gravitated to these videos for entertainment and to further connect with social media friends.  Google has implemented YouTube ads with in-stream video advertisements that have proven results.

The information age has become an instant-information age where people want facts, entertainment and knowledge without waiting. The Vine app allowed that for many companies. It let them animate a clever, brisk message in an entertaining way.  With Instagram’s establishment of millions of users, there is a huge possibility for brands to attract current followers with video.

Instagram Video Offers:

  • Products or services that translate better through film
  • Photo contests can now be truly interactive video contests
  • Fun video FAQs
  • Great 15-second behind-the-scenes clips
  • Consumer profiles and compelling stories
  • Quick videos to post on Facebook
  • A way to humanize your brand

Insta-users must be careful not to rely on a filter to save their video; they must contribute more thought and work into videos if they’re going to gain popularity. Think viral videos.  Not everyone is a hit.

Although with a decline in Vine popularity, it won’t lose to Instagram. Each app has its advantages, so companies should invest time into the one that works best for them.

Video is a popular medium, but consumers get bored quickly, so it’s up to you to create something great.

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