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Are You Ready For Web 3.0?

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Written by Tyler Kerns

What is Web 3.0? Didn’t we just enter the 2.0 era? Technology moves fast, and we need to be prepared for what’s next. Web 2.0 showed that interaction between consumers and businesses is possible through traditional browsing, but as social media and mobile technology further evolve, that conversation grows more personal and the spectrum of web semantics, the intense tracking of consumers, grows more integrated.

Web 2.0 brought us email, blogging, wikis and social media. The next step is a higher level of personalization. Smart phones and tablets give consumers their choice of media-specific apps and the freedom to use them how they please. Standard channels of media are disappearing, and people are viewing what they want to view. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, news apps or other apps, users are following this instant gratification model where their choice-specific media is at their fingertips.

This makes the marketing game harder. Large businesses are slightly off their game with web semantics. Companies like Google and Facebook use ‘robots’ or algorithms to seek out information based on what users view such as emails, Facebook pages, etc. This allows the marketing gurus to provide specific content/advertising to each individual.  This is incredible but slightly invasive.

As this push for Web 3.0 and use of mobile consumption continues, companies must persist in distributing content directly to the user. Right now businesses and agencies utilize Google and Facebook Ads to directly connect with the user, but soon they will be able to distribute content on their own.

Concepts continue to grow. Right now Web 3.0 moves forward with semantic language search, location awareness and recommendations. What exactly is next? This definitely makes the marketing game more difficult, especially with the users of this instant information age.  There’s that saying that “people like what they like” and this media movement is allowing companies to focus on that.

Web 3.0 is coming or may already be here. Businesses, consumers and the mobility of the media are evermore merging together. Are you ready?


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