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Our Digital, Social, Wearable, Technological Future

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Written by Breanna Houk

Heard of “Google Glass” or “iWatches?” Get prepared to see, hear and know much more.

The wearable technology market may still be in its infancy, but it has already made a bold entrance onto the stage. Consumers got a glimpse of what kind of cool sci-fi gizmos and gadgets the future may hold in store. Much speculation is underway regarding when and how these upgrades will really start to turn “dumb” products into “smart” ones.

Both businesses as well as consumers are still getting a feel for where the path might lead. As the futuristic products of this market are designed and improved, wearable tech will become feasible, affordable and commonplace just as every other wave of the “latest and greatest” things do. Speculators vary on how quickly this market will grow; however Credit Suisse recently reported that although the wearable tech market is already at between $3 billion to $5 billion, it is estimated to explode into a $30 to $50 billion market in just the next three years! Consumer outlooks are bound to shift quickly once this trend gains more momentum.

Tech companies will hold the forefront of this innovation, and social media enables them to hear what people actually want. Businesses are listening and taking suggestions seriously. This is what makes “socialnomics” a reality now. Social commerce will undoubtedly become an even more prominent part of our economy as digital, public methods for peer ratings and reviews of products and services become more integrated into the technology we use every day. Wearable technologies may still seem distant and far fetched, but think of how many laughed at the Internet. As Andrew Nusca explained at ZDNet:

“Aside from being more aesthetically appealing than today’s mostly cuboid electronic devices, [wearable tech] is a step closer to the convergence of natural and artificial embodied by the cyborg, the person made superhuman thanks to the biological integration of electromechanical elements.”

All areas of possibility are still being explored. Experimental products such as Google Glass are generating much discussion in this area, but that’s just the beginning of course! So far wearable technology has gained most of its recognition with athletic/sporting equipment that syncs with smartphone apps to help athletes learn their push their kinetic limits and maximize their potential. While this category is bound to grow much larger, the real boom will be seen when digital enhancements sneak further into everyday products.

Examples of current and emerging wearable tech include:

iWatch (although not yet officially announced)

Pebble (“e-paper” watch syncing with Android/iPhone)

Basis Band (health and heart rate monitor)

UP by Jawbone (movement and sleep tracking wristband)

MYO (gesture-controlled armband)

Mnemo (a sci-fi friendship bracelet)

Tree Voice (wearable tech for trees to let humans know how they’re feeling)

Samsung’s smart watch

Not interested in watches or sports equipment? Well there is a LOT more where that came from, and CrunchWear specializes in it all! Don’t feel overwhelmed — we just thought you’d appreciate some insight into the exciting future ahead of us!

Finally, before you skedaddle, check out some top wearable tech items of 2013 or look at more examples of what the future will offer.

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