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Digital Marketing: A Rundown

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Remember when you got your first TV, and it only had thirteen channels available? How about only being able to listen to one radio station or having to choose between people being able to call you or being connected to the Internet?

With the new technology in today’s society, companies are forced to adapt to different marketing strategies. For example, newspaper companies have to start not only producing paper communication but producing digital communications as the demand for paper copies is slowly dying out.

Radio and TV commercials no longer reach as large of an audience with free music streaming online and sites like Hulu and Netflix. Companies now have the ability to reach their target audiences on a larger scale with some of these marketing avenues:

Mobile Marketing

Marketing for companies used to be when you would see someone outside the business in either a costume of some sort or holding/wearing a sign to promote the business. Well, as mobile technology advances, marketing solutions develop around it.

Mobile marketing has become a large source of advertising for many companies. Today, almost all consumers, some as young as six, own a cell phone. Crazy, I know.

Marketing such as QR codes, Bluetooth, Location Based Services and Push Notifications allow companies to directly target their audiences in a fast and convenient way, giving companies access to the consumers from wherever they may be.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the largest and fastest growing media on the web including the well-known Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Almost all consumers are involved in social media. Mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, 67 percent of our youngsters ranging from ages 8 to 12 use a social media website.

Businesses are using social media as a way to spread the word about events or a sales and discounts. New marketing tactics seem to be striking the average consumer with something funny or crude in hopes that they will then get the consumers to spread the word. Check out Kmart’s Big Gas Savings campaign! Businesses can also link their social media content to specific subjects using the popular hashtag.

Why hashtags? Using hashtags gives a business an opportunity to start a trend by allowing a certain topic that the business wants to promote reach a large audience. They can also be used as “beacons” or a way for a user or follower to subscribe to or mention a company.

Content Marketing

Cute puppies, hot babes and hilarious photo captions… we have all seen these tactics being used within our social media world. The new trend involves taking a funny image and adding a photo caption to create  client interest. These images are called memes.

While Facebook and Twitter have taken a lot of people’s attention these days, there is another form of communication that is slowly creeping its way back into the content marketing world, the blog.

Blogging allows a business to build a personal relationship with its consumers as well as establish the company as an expert in its industry. It also reminds consumers what a business is all about.

If you own a business, do you utilize digital marketing? If so, how?

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