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AMA Event on Events! Marketing and Promoting Events

This morning Zack and I attended our very first American Marketing Association event as newly inducted members of the Northeast Wisconsin chapter. Held at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center, AMA’S June Event on Events featured three panelists: Jeff Potts, Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau; Tara Brzozowski, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center; and Brenda Krainik, Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau. The panel discussion was moderated by Jamie Ceman who is on the board of theAMA Northeast Wisconsin Chapter. The breakfast briefing focused on how to promote and market events. If you missed this event, you’re in luck! I’ve highlighted some key points below.


  • Offer early bird discounts on ticket prices or registration fees
  • Offer last-minute deals such as bundles and extra experiences
  • Offer incentives to attend the event such as free t-shirts, door prizes etc.

Tara of the PAC made an important note about discounts: Use them wisely! If you regularly offer last-minute savings on ticket sales, customers will catch on and wait until the last minute to purchase their tickets. Do not discount front-row tickets because the people who purchased them will feel cheated once the tickets go on sale, only discount tickets in the nosebleed section to fill seats.

Using social

  • Social media is a great customer service tool. Monitor your channels closely for people asking for more info about your event.
  • Focus on your audience. Your audience will determine the platform you use as well as your voice, so know your audience and be authentic. If you’re a B2B operation, you’ll most likely reach your audience on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Promote the event on social media during and after the event. Encourage attendees to share photos on their social media pages. If your event is a recurring one, people posting about their great time at your event will encourage new attendees in the future.

Jeff used a great analogy about promoting events on social media. You may be holding an event for boaters, but a speed boater is very different from a sail boater. You’ll want to speak to both audiences in very different manners.

Some more notes

  • Know your budget, time, location and audience before you begin marketing and promoting your event
  • Be consistent with your message
  • Find advocates to promote your event such as chambers of commerce, downtown organizations, and convention & visitors bureaus
  • Recurring events > one-time events
  • Free and local events create a sense of community

Author: Sheng Riechers

Candeo Creative Communication Director

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