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Foursquare Offers More To Small Businesses

Written by Tyler Kern

We hear about mobile apps like Foursquare. Some of you have used them, but are they helping your business? Foursquare thinks so, and they’re willing to prove it. Advertising Age recently reported that the check-in app is offering smaller merchants the ability to promote their business to consumers through the app’s promoted listings.

Foursquare is now letting large businesses like Burger King and Gap target users by locations and check-ins, and the second phase in testing is to move this opportunity to small/local businesses. Its users will see suggestions through the promoted listing section.  Originally small stores were able to give discounts to consumers when they check in, but with the new promotions merchants can tempt nearby customers with photos, past reviews or even just a product listing.

So far Foursquare says companies will pay by the advertisement or action. Companies will only be charged when a user taps on the suggestion, opposed to merely viewing it.  With Foursquare only charging businesses a 20 dollars startup fee, it is becoming more beneficial for small stores to enter the digital market.  To make it even better, the business can turn the promotions on and off at will.

In the past this check-in app seemed like a fun toy for businesses to dabble with, but it continues to grow in popularity.  In January the Foursquare For Business app was released, giving merchants a place to create content and view analytics. In April iOS users received a significant upgrade, giving users the ‘around you’ feature. In May Windows Phone 8 received similar treatment. Foursquare has seen a 10 to 30 percent increase in user and business sign-ups, check-ins and web visits.

Small businesses are owned by local people. Because the digital environment is changing so rapidly, some feel apprehensive to entering the online market. Foursquare’s new suggestion plan is a great solution for that. Does your brand use Foursquare, and could this inexpensive digital advertising work for you?

Foursquare is definitely adding more of a business motive but not leaving the friendly game style environment. Some celebrities can’t stop using it, and NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover continuously checks in and shares via Twitter. The app is continuing the fun and giving companies a chance to advertise.  Whether you’re a consumer or a business, could you find any reason not to get this app?

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