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Why CEOs Need To Get Social And 6 Tips For CEO Sociability

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Written by Tyler Kerns

CEO’s can no longer sit on the sidelines of social media.  Using the new and emerging media outlets shows to the company’s consumers and employees that the company is tech savvy and involved.

CEO engagement in social media is inevitable. A new study by Weber Shandwick revealed that 76 percent of managers and executives believe that a company appears more innovative if their CEO uses social media. Consumers and employees want to see the care and passion of the company and no better to get that from the head of the company.

Employees want their CEO to be social. We are transitioning into a social world where employees themselves are social. CEO sociability induces positive feelings among staff, and using new media as well as company placed intranets to communicate gives staff a feeling of inspiration and pride.

Six Tips for CEO Sociability

1. Utilize the expansive set of tools. There are many new and emerging outlets, and it is up to the CEO to find what best works in representing the company.

2. Great voice for crisis control. If something unexpected happens that gains publicity, the CEO can voice an assurance to the consumers and employees.

3. When empowering employees with social media, CEO’s shouldn’t expect them to already understand it. Develop a social media strategy & policy to encourage employees to engage with new media with suggestions, comments and represent the company.

4. Understand the audience. Social media activity can make the CEO trustworthy, but he or she must research the audience and understand the culture.

5. Set a good example for employees. Always follow the company’s social media strategy & policy. When using social media, it’s easy to lose professionalism. It is very important to uphold the reputation of the organization.

6. Take control of the conversation. Consumers will want to engage with company leaders. A social CEO can tell the company’s story and news while also combating negative public opinion.

Consumers enjoy seeing the leader of a company being involved. Reputation is vital to a company, which is why it’s important for a CEO to socialize. A company is more credible when a CEO comments personally through social media rather than traditional third-party media outlets. It’s the best way to get his or her message out, especially in a more conversational way.

Of course being on the internet is inherently risky, but it’s the job of the CEO to manage risks. Times change as well as technologies, and it’s important for the leaders of each industry to adapt with them. How did the CEO feel when the telephone replaced the telegraph or when email was introduced? Who jumped on board with full ingenuity?

Industries are moving so fast with Web 2.0 moving to 3.0 (mobile), and it’s a no-brainer that CEO’s on social media, via mobile, are better equipped to lead companies in this shift. Every CEO should socialize on the web because it helps build relationships with the media, boosts company morale, shows innovation and improves credibility in the market.

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