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Why Your Business Should Really Make Some 6-Second VINE Videos

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Written by Breanna Houk

Vine has been generating quite a buzz as more Internet users are becoming aware of and adapting to it since its debut at the beginning of this year.

What is Vine?

Vine (#VineApp) is an iPhone-only app (for now, at least) that has created the ability to record 6-second videos (with audio) and then immediately share them as a tweet or post them on various social networking sites.

Thanks to great ingenuity on their part, the app’s user-friendly interface is designed specifically for briefness. You press down on the screen to record and simply release to pause the recording. Once all six seconds have been recorded, your video is done! This stop-and-go feature enables users to not only create their own stop-motion videos (think Gumby, if you please), but edit them in just a few taps!

It’s incredible when you think about it, because Vine has taken all the time-consuming and convoluted steps out of traditional video editing and made it a painless breeze. There’s even an option to loop your “Vines.” Close your eyes for a second and imagine the possibilities!

…Wasn’t that fun?

Fun is certainly a main concept behind Vine. Simplicity, brevity and creativity are a few others.

Wait, only 6 seconds? That sounds too short to be effective…

That’s a natural reaction after first hearing about Vine. However, take into account how many online videos you may have wanted to watch, but did not have the time to at that moment because of their length. Or maybe you were out-and-about and your mobile device was suffering from an annoyingly slow signal. Patience may be a virtue, but don’t tell that to a rushed mobile user with a world of possibilities at their fingertips (meaning a smartphone, of course) and an itch to consume all sorts of different media. Slow connections can make video-watching extra cumbersome, but video length plays into the convenience factor as well.

Vines are so briefthat the amount of data needed to be downloaded to watch is only a small fraction of a typical online video. This makes them quick, light and highly influential.

Vine introduces a new medium of storytelling in the most instantaneous, digitally advanced methods, right to the everyday person’s fingertips. Although people are still trying to gauge how effective and popular Vine could become, just keep in mind that user-generated multimedia like this is not going away — it will just continue to evolve as our technology does!

Okay, well how can my business achieve anything with 6 seconds of video?

Remember that Vine is inherently social. With good enough creative ideas, a business can easily use Vine as an additional way to market themselves by sharing their unique and interesting Vines on social media platforms or other sites (e.g. your company blog),completely for free! If you plan to use Vine for your business, it’s important to create a plan describing what goals you want to achieve and how you will go about it. This way you can stay on task while keeping track of the progress you make and generate better ideas for the future!

Great examples of business possibilities with Vine:

  • Quick how-to’s — anything you think your audience or clients may benefit from seeing how to do
  • Show some of your community involvement
  • Give a sneak peek to your audiences of:
  • New product/service you will offer (ask for feedback or votes of preference for further engagement)
  • Upcoming videos/media/projects in-progress
  • Company changes like remodeling/rebranding
  • Make “behind the scenes” Vines showing quick clips of your company culture (quirkiness included)
  • Overviews of lengthy YouTube videos you’ve made, including the original link
  • Informative/promotional Vines make advertising more fun
  • Vines of your loyal customers, such as:
  • Reviews/testimonials to help convince others
  • Advocates for your brand showing off your product
  • Customers holding up signs of praise/satisfaction
  • Finally, occasional randomness! Goofy or cheerful Vines can help raise positive perceptions of your brand

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