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Are You Ready For The New Pinterest Changes?

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Written by Kari Ausloos

Lately we’ve been on a Pinterest kick here at Candeo Creative and it’s not ending quite yet! Earlier this month, Pinterest  revamped their website with a new look and some new features. Since it’s appearance in 2010, Pinterest has done little to update their webpage so now seemed like a good time to make some changes and keep their followers interested.

One feature that has been improved is the search functionality. Pinterest has added auto-suggest to the search box to help pinners looking for a specific topic.  This will help drive consumers to a business page if businesses use specific keywords in their pin descriptions.

There is a new notifications tab that shows recent activity in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This feature allows you to increase engagement and connect with people that have the same interests by showing you who likes or repins your pins and follows you.

The aesthetics of the site have been enhanced as well. Image size has increased from 600 pixels wide to 735 pixels, making for sharper, more detailed images. The drop-down Categories tab has moved over to the upper left-hand corner next to the Search box.

A beneficial tool for business pages is the web analytics. With this new feature, businesses can see what is working and what might not be working. You can track which pins have been repinned or liked and see what categories are getting the most attention. Before you can use this great feature, verify your business account with Pinterest here.

The last great feature Pinterest has added is a new button and widget builder. On your business or blog website you can add this widget to show your Pinterest profile and some of your recent pins. People can click on the widget and it will direct them to your Pinterest page.

This is an excellent way to let people know you are on Pinterest and an easy way for you to showcase your pins. The widget builder allows you to show off your profile, a specific board or just a pin. For more information and to add the widget on your website, click here!

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