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Twitter’s #music App Makes Its Way On To The Social Scene

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Written by Kari Ausloos on 25 April 2013.

Twitter has recently launched another new app following the new Twitter Vine app.  Twitter’s #music app helps you find music that’s popular among brands you follow on Twitter. The app uses Twitter engagement, such as tweets and interactions, to detect the most popular tracks and emerging artists.

You can download the Twitter #music app from the App Store for iPhone users or log in to the web version. Like Twitter Vine, the #music App is not available to Android users.

The app features four pages that you can switch between to access music on either your iPhone or web browser.

The Emerging page shows you hidden talents found in tweets that Twitter users have mentioned. The Popular page shows you new music that is trending across Twitter. The Suggested page shows you music you might like based on artists you follow, and finally the Now Playing page shows songs that your friends are tweeting about in real-time.

Twitter has integrated its music service with SpotifyiTunes and Rdio. Users of Spotify and Rdio can log in to their accounts to listen to the full tracks. On iTunes you are only able to preview songs, but for a price you can purchase the full song.

The design of the app is very clean and modern. Each page has a grid layout consisting of artists and songs. When you tap/click on one of the tiles, a preview of the song will play. Each of the tiles on the grid features the album cover of the artist and a Twitter profile picture and name of the person who has mentioned or is listening to it.

Twitter users also have the option to search for artists that they are interested in. Twitter #music encourages instant sharing. You can tweet what you are listening to right from the app.

Some of the most followed people on Twitter are musicians, so this app has been something that was bound to surface. Twitter allowed celebrities like Ryan Seacrest to test out the app before anyone else could. Other celebrities like Tommy Lee, Blake Shelton and Jason Mraz tweeted their reactions to it and about how great the app is.

Now go check it out for yourself and see what Twitter #music has to offer!

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