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Social Hub: How To Use Pinterest For Your Business


At our recent Social Hub event held at the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, our topic of discussion was on Pinterest. The main objective of this social media support group is to help local businesses have a stronger understanding of Pinterest and how it can be used.

First we went over what Pinterest is and how it can be easily used for a business. For more information on the basics, look over our previous blog post for beginners. If you are a Pinterest professional, check out these tips about how to pin for you business.

Some interesting facts about Pinterest that we went over were that 30% of Pinterest users make over $100,000 a year and 68% of users are women. The average time a person spends on the website is 16 minutes and the average age group that uses it is between 25-34.

We also discussed some dos and don’ts of Pinterest. Some dos include, keeping text short and to the point about images that you pin, testing the links first of an image before you pin it, asking permission of people before you post pictures of them and downloading the “pin it” button to your webpage to get people to engage with your business.

A don’t is just repining other people’s content. Develop your own content to keep your followers interested. Don’t use Pinterest by itself. It may be the most fun social media network for some people, including myself, but be sure to use other platforms to target different audiences. Lastly don’t spam your Pinterest followers. A company that over posts about itself or promotes its contests will turn people off.

Here are some other key points and facts that were discussed:

  • 1 in 4 online consumers buy a product after seeing it on Pinterest
  • Average number of boards to have for a business is 10 to 12 depending on the industry
  • Pinterest is a great way to showcase work that you have done
  • Post 8 to 10 pins per day and throughout the day
  • The main reason people unfollow you is because of posting too much
  • Pinterest recently developed a new metrics system to measure return on investment

If you’re a business owner who needs more assistance on developing your own Pinterest page, come to our next Social Intelligence workshop where we will help get you started!

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