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Are You A Pinterest Newbie?

Written by Kari Ausloos

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site since it arrived in 2010. But many of you may not have jumped on this ever so popular bandwagon yet. For those of you who may be Pinterest newbies, I’m here to give you a beginner’s guide to “pinning.”

The Basics

What is Pinterest? It is a social media site that allows users to “pin” images and videos you find online to a virtual board and share them with others. Users can create as many boards as they like based on their interests, hobbies, fashion style or food cravings.

First we’ll start with some of the vocabulary. A “pin” is a picture or video that is usually a link back to the original website. A “pinner” is essentially you or other friends that you follow on Pinterest. Your “boards” are generally themed and are where pins are easily organized and categorized. Users can save their favorite pins to one of their own boards using the “Pin It” button.  A “repin” means that you can pin another user’s image to your own boards.

To set up a Pinterest account, you can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account or provide an email address and password. Once your account is created, Pinterest gives you pre-labeled boards for you to start off with. You are free to change the name of the boards at any time to suit your specific interests. The next step would be to set up your profile just like other social media sites. You want to include a username, bio, location and links to your personal website or blog.

Who to Follow

If you signed up through Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest will display friends that also have an account for you to follow. You can also use the search box to look people up. You can either follow all of the user’s boards or just individual ones that you find interesting. The “following page” is your home-based Pinterest page. Much like Facebook’s newsfeed or Twitter feed, the Pinterest following page shows pins from all pinners or boards that you follow, with the most recent ones on top.

The navigation bar gives you different options for viewing pins. Your options are:

  • Following: Shows pins from boards and pinners that you follow.
  • Categories: Allows you to select specific categories of pins from everyone. Categories include: Animals, Celebrities, DIY, Home Décor, Outdoors, Photography, Sports, Travel, Wedings etc.
  • Everything: Any and every pin added to Pinterest.
  • Popular: Pins that are currently trending on Pinterest.
  • Gifts: Offers different price points for browsing products with a price listing.

Exploring categories that interest you is a great way to find people and boards to follow.

Your Boards

It is important to give your boards a specific name that describes the theme of your pins. For instance, if you are into do-it-yourself projects, you can name a board DIY Crafts and pin images that you may be interested in making. You can also add a description to each board to further explain what they are about. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your boards.

Start Pinning!

Once you have everything set up, get pinning! Begin to search for things that spark your interest or just make you laugh. Remember this is a social media site so be social and like, comment or repin othe pins. For inspiration or guidance on what to pin, check out these creative boards or these business Pinterest pages. If you are a business owner read our previous blog post on the how to use Pinterest for your business.

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