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Social Intelligence: LinkedIn

Written by Kari Ausloos

Here at Candeo Creative, we hold a number of events to help out businesses in our community with social media. Similar to Social Hub, which is held every month, we have another monthly event called Social Intelligence.

Social Intelligence is a hands-on workshop that teaches local business men and women how to use different social media platforms for their companies. Unlike Social Hub where the meeting is discussion driven, Social Intelligence focuses on helping businesses set up user pages and navigate the different tools on social networking sites.

The Social Intelligence topic this month was on LinkedIn. In this workshop, our business owners learned about the benefits, consequences and responsibilities of networking through LinkedIn. We started off learning about what LinkedIn can do for you. For instance, it can keep you connected with former or current colleagues and other associates that you may work with. It is a great place to display your resume for potential employers by showcasing your previous experience.

Next we discussed how connections are important to benefit your page. You should connect with people that you know and already work with. It is okay to be picky here. If someone is trying to connect with you that you don’t know or don’t have common connections with, then you should probably not connect with them. LinkedIn also makes it very easy to search for connections. You can simply type in the name of someone, a specific company, keywords or titles of employees in the search box.

Getting or receiving recommendations is a great way for you to enhance your LinkedIn presence and boost your professional reputation. It will get you closer to completing your profile and affirms your skills and accomplishments. To go about requesting a recommendation, it should be approached with the same professional courtesy online as in person. You should only ask someone that you have previously worked with or who knows your skills firsthand.

When it comes to company pages, maintaining and polishing your company profile will not only benefit your personal image, but also your business’s image. Company pages on LinkedIn are like storefronts. Keep them updated and looking good. The most important part of your company profile is its summary. This is where people will make first impressions of your company and is their first opportunity to see what you’re business is all about. In the summary, you should describe what your company does or any accomplishments it has achieved.

To enhance your company’s presence on LinkedIn, consider joining groups. Joining groups on LinkedIn is an easy way to surround your company with others in your industry. In groups, you can create conversations and build relationships as well as providing your contacts with valuable information. Look at it as if it were a networking event, but online. Commenting on discussions or starting your own group will help build influence and enhance credibility.

Lastly to improve visibility of your LinkedIn page, there are a few things to consider. As a business, you should share update about two to three times a week. One tip for posting for your business is to use the rule of three’s. Content should be promotional, educational and local. This will keep your connections interested in your company while attracting potential customers. Take a look at our company page on LinkedIn.

Other ways to improve visibility are to look for contacts you haven’t connected to yet, use other social media platforms to draw people in and be genuine. Remember social media is not a selling tool, it is about building relationships.

For more information on how to use LinkedIn and proper etiquette, read our previous blog on LinkedIn Etiquette. Our next Social Intelligence workshop will be on Pinterest. Email to register. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more upcoming events or check our events page regularly for updates.

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