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Guest Post: Using Tumblr For Business

Written by Lauryn Lahr

Founded in February of 2007, Tumblr may not have achieved quite the popularity of its social media siblings, but the site is starting to make huge gains in the business world. Starting as a platform for blogs, Tumblr has morphed into a combination between Twitter’s quick reposting of content and Pinterest’s resharing of images. Brands from Urban Outfitters to Rolling Stone and everything in between use Tumblr to promote their company, share news, or communicate with their followers, who can either post their own content (images, quotes, links, videos, etc.) or reblog and like other users’ content.

With these few quick tips, you can easily set up a Tumblr for your own business to use!

First, you want to set up your company’s personal Tumblr page so that it fits your brand and looks attractive to those who will see it. You can do this through Tumblr’s easy customization tools, which allow you to browse preset themes and tweak settings to optimize your blog. If you don’t like the themes Tumblr provides, you can also code your own theme.

Next, you want to determine what sort of content you’ll be posting. News about your company and images relating to your brand are a must, but you can also post funny or inspiring pictures, videos or quotes that will appeal to your followers.

Third, take advantage of Tumblr’s queue feature. This allows you to stagger your posts so that you aren’t always posting at the same time every day and ensures your maximum visibility to your followers. It’s also helpful if you take a vacation or aren’t able to go on Tumblr for a while- simply put posts into your queue and forget about it!

You’ll then want to link your Tumblr to your company’s other online pages. When customizing, be aware of the options to connect your Tumblr to your Twitter page or any other site you use. The more you connect, the more you can share!

Finally, you want to follow other Tumblr blogs. Searching through Tumblr’s tags feature or looking at blogs similar to your own is an easy way to find blogs that will provide you with content you’ll both enjoy and be able to share with your follower base- after all, that’s what Tumblr is all about.

Lauryn is a Junior at Oshkosh West High School.

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