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Using Twitter Vine For Your Business

Written by Kari Ausloos

Vine is the latest app for Twitter that launched in January. Vine is a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Each video is about six seconds or less and is still limited to 140 characters. The company believes this constraint will inspire even more creativity while capturing life in motion.

There are already numerous ways that people and businesses are using Vine, from showing behind-the-scenes company culture to demonstrations of products. Here are some other ways you can use Vine for your business:

Market a Promotion/Product: Use a six second video to market a new product or promotion. McDonalds made a video promoting their new Fish Bits.

Product Demo: Create a short how-to video for products to showcase creative ideas on how to use a product that may not come immediately to mind. Here is an example of Cadbury showing how to use their new Egg N’ Spoon product just in time for Easter.

User Generated Content: Have customers make and submit a Vine video of them using your products. Perhaps after you receive submissions, you can compile a longer video highlighting the best ones to incorporate into an ad campaign.

Celebrate the Holidays: Create fun videos to market your holiday promotions. Although it’s not a promotion, Mashable created a fun Valentine’s Day video for their consumers.

Show Your Creativity: Make a video that shows off your artistic talents by drawing out ideas or doodles. Then see how it comes to life in only 6 seconds.

Behind the Scenes: Show behind-the-scenes snippets of how a product is made or the day-to-day happenings of your office. Showing these little teasers can get the audience wondering more about you and interested in your company.

Just for Fun: Vine doesn’t always have to be about your business. Make videos that are just for fun and will make your viewers laugh. A cute dog video is always a favorite with people like the one Urban Outfitters made here.

There are sure to be other examples and lessons as Vine matures as a platform over time. Vine is only available for iPhone users at the moment, but with its growing popularity, it’s only a matter of time before it is available for other smart phone users as well.

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