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Creative Ways To Use Instagram

Written by Kari Ausloos


Instagram is a rapidly growing photo sharing community where you can take pictures and add a cool filter to your photos like sepia. You can then post these pictures to any of your social media platforms along with captions or hash tags (similar to Twitter) to describe your photos.

On a business standpoint, Instagram can boost your business’s exposure, increase brand recognition and build demand for your products and services. It is also a creative way for customers to get involved in your business and helps put a face to your brand.

Using Instagram is a powerful way to market your products or services and connect with your audience. Businesses can gain a lot from adding Instagram to their social media efforts. Here are some creative ways that your business can use Instagram:

  1. Show your products. Online shopping is growing more and more these days, so allow your customers to browse what products you have. Showing your products is an easy way for customers to see what your business is all about. Coach does a great way of showing off their products. They post pictures of new arrivals and trends that they will launch and show up-close details of their products and bags.
  2. Introduce your employees. Showcasing your employees allows customers to see the faces behind your brand. Instagram can give customers a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like in your office or place of business. You can post photos of your employee of the month or business events. Be sure to add a caption to tell a little about the employee or event. Zappos, an online shoe store, is a good example toThey show their employees at work and portray a fun working atmosphere to go along with their fun brand.
  3. Build anticipation. Posting photos of upcoming events, new products or services can keep your followers interested and wanting to know more about your brand. Showing teaser photos builds the anticipation and gives exclusive previews that only your followers can see.
  4. Behind the scenes. People are naturally curious about how products are made or where they come from. Businesses can use Instagram to show photos of the making of products or the events that lead up to the big reveal. A good example is if your business manufactures products, you can show the steps of each stage and how everything is made.
  5. Host a photo contest.  This is an easy way for your business to get customers involved. You can hold a photo contest for you followers and have them take pictures with your products. If you’re a coffeehouse like Starbucks, you could have people take pictures of where they enjoy their coffee or who they like to share it with. The photo you like best at the end of the contest can win a prize. This is a great way for customers to get involved and for your business to interact with them.

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