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MySpace Is Back!

Written by Kari Ausloos



In January the creators of Myspace re-launched their seemingly nonexistent social media website. With the help of Justin Timberlake and the release of his new single “Suit and Tie,” Myspace came back with a fresh new look and content for the networking site.

Upon registering for the new Myspace, Timberlake’s single is streamed freely on the site. The main focus for the new Myspace is less on people and more on helping artists post music that they can share with others.  By promoting Timberlake’s new single on the site, he is sending a message to other artists that Myspace is for posting music for free and searching for other bands or artists. Users can still update statuses and see activity feed of their friends, but Myspace wants the main focus to be about the music.

To log in, users can still access their old passwords and email addresses if they previously were on Myspace, otherwise they can log in with Facebook or Twitter. There is streaming radio with artists and genres stations, similar to Pandora or Spotify, where people can make their own playlists and listen to it while browsing the site.

Unlike Pandora, Myspace also allows users to stream music without the interruption of ads. The discover section allows users to easily search for new artists and music. At the end of the page, there is always an audio player available to play your music and in the mixes section, people can swap their playlists with other Myspace users.

The new Myspace is everything the old one wasn’t. It’s simple, modern and focused. But will anyone care? With Justin Timberlake helping with the re-launch, his fans and followers will help make the social media site popular again. MySpace is hoping his assistance will get people excited about it again and draw high-profile content.

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