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How Your Business Can Be “Pinning”

Written by Kari Ausloos


Every day more and more online content is switching to visuals rather than writing. Social media reflects this through new tools like Facebook graph search and Twitter Vine, but Pinterest is on the forefront of this revolution.

Pinterest is a pinboard style, photo sharing website where businesses and users can share images related to their interests, events, hobbies and more. With Pinterest only being two years old, it is one of the fastest growing sites in social media history and many businesses are hopping on this social visual network bandwagon.

Before your business gets involved in Pinterest, there are some important steps you should know to build your brand awareness and increase additional traffic to your business.

1. Make sure your business is a match
This tip might seem obvious, but Pinterest caters to those looking for recipes, room décor, and do-it-yourself crafts. If your company sells power tools, you might not be a good fit. ModCloth, which makes indie and retro-style women’s clothing, is a great example of a way to use Pinterest to share their inventory and other style tips.

2. Spend the time
Like any social network, Pinterest requires an investment in time. Spend the time and think about what your consumers would like to see and plan ahead. Stay true to who you are and be real. Authenticity is hugely important.

3. Spotlight the ways customers use your products
A clothing store or specialty boutique might take pictures of customers wearing outfits put together from the store. You could develop a whole board of customer photos like this; then make sure to link to those customers’ Pinterest accounts in the description of the pin.

4. Promote your Pinterest boards
Don’t be afraid to promote your Pinterest page on your company website. You need to encourage your customers to actually use the Pinterest buttons you would set up.  Intertwine your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest presence by talking about your newest board or favorite pin through tweets or status updates.

5. Use Keywords
When creating a description for new pins, you can optimize the pin by adding keywords that users may be more likely to use if they’re searching for specific content on Pinterest. This can also optimize your SEO or search engine optimization.

6. Follow other brands
To let your customers know about what you as a brand represent or believe in, it’s a great idea to follow other brands.

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