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Facebook Like A Pro

Written by Sheng Riechers

According to a study conducted by ComScore Facebook reaches three out of four Internet users with each user spending an average of seven hours on the site per month. With a billion users on Facebook, it’s no wonder many businesses are making the effort to create a presence on the social networking site.

However, the key isn’t to simply be on Facebook, it’s to engage users and market your brand. This is more difficult than you think because you have to post the right content at the right time. Before we go into what and when to post here are some general criteria for Facebooking like a pro.

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1. If your business has a website be sure to include a Facebook button at the top of the homepage. This let’s people know that you are indeed on Facebook and they can easily navigate to your page from your website.

2. Make sure you create a unique URL for your Facebook page. This can easily be done in your settings. Having a custom URL helps when people are searching for your company.

3. Share shareable content. This means that you should post photos, videos and updates that appeal to most people. The more shares you get, the more people you reach.

4. Include links. Whether it’s in your posts or information section, links are always helpful. Sharing links within your posts is like including an attribution. You appear more credible if you cite your sources.

5. Don’t be afraid of humor. People like brands that are real and personable. Adding humor to your posts shows that there is a person behind the computer screen and gives your business a personality.

6. Spice up your page with photos and videos. It goes without saying that people have very short attention spans. Photos and videos grab their attention versus a wordy post. Check out this infographic on the shift to visual social media.

7. Be a resource. No matter what industry your business is in, be a source of knowledge and information. You want to show potential customers that you are an expert in your field.

8. Update regularly, but not too often. The frequency of Facebook updates is a tricky game. According to, unsubscribe rates go up after three posts a day. However, posting too little will decrease users’ interest. Why would a user revisit your site if there is nothing new? The trick is to find your happy medium because there is no magic number of posts that works for everyone.

9. Respond, engage and moderate. Always respond to user comments, whether it’s liking their comment or replying. This is just good customer service. If it’s a negative comment, don’t delete it! Deleting a comment should be a last resort unless if there is profanity. Instead, patiently respond to the upset fan and if need be contact them privately. This will show other users that your company cares enough to hear people out and find a solution. Social Media Examiners has a great article on how to deal with an upset fan.

10. Measure. Facebook provides every fan page with analytics where you can see how many people you reach and what type of people your reach extends to over a period of time. From this data, you can learn when the best time to post is. According to Facebook’s best practices guide, posts between 2 p.m. and 5 a.m. get more engagement than posts during regular business hours. Also with this data, you can find out, if you didn’t already know, who your demographic is.

When it comes to what to post, a general rule is to post no more than three lines of text if possible. This has shown to increase fan engagement by 60%. Stick to current events, holidays and news. Avoid mundane posts, politics, and personal rants. PCWorld has a great article on the dos and don’ts of Facebook posts.

For your business, some great posts to keep in mind are exclusive offers, feedback requests on products or services and call-to-actions (asking people to like, comment or share). Fill-in-the-blank posts are also very popular, receiving 90% more engagement than regular text posts.

As for when to post, 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. is a general rule. People ages 18-24, or millenials, tend to be most active at around 9-10 p.m. However, when to post does vary by industry. Check out this infographic on the best times to post on Facebook by industry.

Want to learn more about using Facebook for your business? Contact us to reserve a spot at our next Social Intelligence Workshop on Tuesday, February 26. Email zack@CandeoCreative.Com or call 920.267.7922!

Author: Sheng Riechers

Candeo Creative Communication Director

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