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10 Uses For Facebook

Written by Sheng Riechers

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While networking with local business owners and professionals at the Oshkosh Business Expo, I found out that a lot of businesses are not on Facebook. The consensus was that a lot of business owners either don’t know what Facebook is used for or how it can be used for their business.

To a lot of young consumers, if a business can’t be found online, then it might as well not exist. Think of it like a dating website. A profile with a picture is more likely going to get positive responses and inquiries versus one that doesn’t. People want to know what they are being presented with online before any face-to-face interaction. If a business is on Facebook, that automatically enhances its online presence.

Here are some basic ways businesses can utilize Facebook:

1. Word of mouth marketing: Facebook can be used as a forum where people can post comments and respond to each other. People are encouraged to engage in conversations online, so if your business is doing great, that knowledge is going to spread.

2. Public relations: Facebook can be used to inform fans of company announcements. It can also be used for employee recognition.

3. Information: Businesses can use Facebook to post about their company and include information such as their mission statement and hours of operation.

4. Customer service: Oftentimes Facebook is used to gauge customer opinion. If there is negative feedback, businesses can take that opportunity to engage with the customer and improve their product or service.

5. Product/ service catalogue:  With applications to create a Facebook store, businesses can post their products for sale right on Facebook. Facebook can also be used to display products or services through photos or videos.

6. Research: With Facebook polls or by simply asking questions, businesses can use Facebook to find out more about their customers in order to improve their products or services.

7. Events: Facebook can be used to coordinate and promote special events that are coming up.

8. Contests and check in deals: Businesses can promote their products or services through Facebook contests and giveaways. Another way to get customers excited about their business is to include Facebook specific deals that are used like coupons. All customers would have to do is mention that they saw a post to receive a discount.

9. Links: Facebook is a great place to share your company blog or website through links in posts or the about section.


10. Networking: Facebook is a great way to network and connect with similar businesses and potential customers.


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Author: Sheng Riechers

Candeo Creative Communication Director

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