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10 Uses For Twitter

This month it seems that Twitter is the big topic for Candeo Creative. During January’s SocialHub, we helped explain some Twitter basics to local business owners and social media managers. However, at the end of the hour, a lot of attendees were still confused as to what Twitter is used for exactly.

As a mini-blog of 140 characters, there are countless ways to utilize Twitter. Here are 10 ways
to use Twitter in no particular order.

1. News: Because Twitter is a constant stream of tweets, news organizations such as the
Associated Press, the New York Times, and even the Oshkosh Northwestern use Twitter to
update their followers with the latest news stories. Instead of having to go to each website or
subscribe to the newspaper, you can get a constant news feed right on your Twitter page.

2. Entertainment: Twitter is an open forum that isn’t necessarily censored like Facebook. People
can say whatever they want and it’s really an “anything goes” situation. Jon Hendron a.k.a fart
is a Something Awful ( writer whose tweets are mostly comical
but can be raunchy. He was featured on Mashable for outing ungrateful gift receivers during the
holidays. ( On Twitter, you’ll never know what
you stumble upon.

3. Knowledge: Twitter is a great resource for all things anything. Interested in Technology? Just
search for it and millions of tweets about the latest technology will show up. Are you a pet lover?
There are thousands of Twitter accounts that tweet specifically about pet care. Looking for the
best burger place in town? Bet you can find that too if you just search for the key words.

4. Free Advice: Twitter is full of free advice. Have a question? Ask and see what friends or
complete strangers have to say.

5. Deals: Many businesses will promote Twitter specific deals online. For example, Karmaloop
is an online clothing store, which has a separate Twitter account called Karmaloop Discount
where all they tweet are coupon codes and sales.

6. Marketing: Twitter is great for branding purposes. It’s free, it runs 24/7, and users can access
it from anywhere. As long as your business is putting out quality content, people will follow and
become more familiarized with your name.

7. Customer Service: Businesses also use Twitter to engage with customers when something
goes wrong. Pizza Hut does a great job of this by directly messaging Twitter users with an
apology and a link to follow up.

8. Networking: If there is a person that you want to connect with, introducing yourself via Twitter
is a great way to break the ice. You can retweet or reply to one of their tweets, which will begin
the online conversation.

9. Recruiting: Many HR representatives will reach out to potential employees on Twitter
because it’s a lot cheaper than say an ad on Plus, their followers are already
familiar with and interested in their company.

10. Conversation: We are far past the era of instant messaging. However, you can use Twitter
in sort of the same way. If you have something to say to a friend or a colleague, but don’t want it
to interrupt their day, tweeting them a message is a great way to do it.

Author: Sheng Riechers

Candeo Creative Communication Director

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