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The Online Cafe

We hear people ask us all the time “What is social media really for? I guess I just don’t really see the point.”

The answer is pretty simple. Social media is for people to be social.

That’s why social media is sort of like an online cafe.

Just like a cafe is a physical location for people to meet and share ideas, social media sites are virtual locations for people to meet up and share their lives.

Some cafes are more known for having live music. Some cafes are known for being a great place to go get work done. Other cafes are known to be very kid-friendly. Still other cafes might be more known for their very unique concoctions.

In the same way, every social media ‘cafe’ is different from the next.

Facebook is known to be a place to share your life and get personal with friends and family. Twitter is a place to share quick bites of information and connecty with like-minded people. Pinterest is a place to share your favorite pictures. Instagram allows you to share the photo book of your daily life. LinkedIn is specifically for professionals to connect with other professionals. And a plethura (yes, a plethura) of other sites exist as well- too many to cover here.

But as a business, your goal is to get those you connect with to stop by your virtual store (your website). But you can’t ever invite them to get to know your brand or shop your products unless they meet you; and they won’t meet you unless you show up.

So take some time to make your brand known in some of the different ‘online cafes’ that exist. But remember, it’s more about brand-awareness and making real connections than it is about making that hard sale.

Because, who would want anyone hard-selling them when they’re trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation at their favorite cafe?

Show up. Make the connections. Let people know who you are. Get interested in their lives. And watch the brand loyalty grow.

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